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Welcome to the launch of the newest chapter of my musical life! Spring 2013 marks the arrival of Lust, a project I’ve been planning for a couple of years. In addition to the album, there will be a lust blog, localized meet-up groups, and other exciting surprises designed to engage and inspire others through classical music. My purpose on this earth is to make classical music relevant critical for anyone who wants to experience beautiful, sometimes challenging music, and Lust is one of many vehicles to come which serves that purpose.

One of the vehicles of Lust is a new website, an interactive platform that should satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in learning more about me, my music, and my journey. Take a minute and look around!

In getting this musical party started, I have to mention my kickstarter campaign, which you can find here. One of the coolest pieces involved is my first-ever full-length video! I’d love to know what you think of it, and my contact form is one of the best ways to let me know your reaction. I worked with 6ix Shoota ( on this video, and he made it amazing from start to finish. Oh yeah, and there’s a supermodel in it. Bobby Roache is his name (google him if you’re curious), and I have no idea how I became fortunate enough for him to appear in it. Well actually, I do know, but I’m not telling!

You’ll also notice pretty killer images throughout the site, all of which were captured by Raquita Henderson of Pinxit Photography ( Believe me when I tell you she’ll help you realize your full sexy self. The photoshoot with her was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Have you ever pretended to have an orgasm in front of 5-10 people?!? Well I did it, she asked me to do it – and have pictures as proof.

This blog is called “Marlissa’s Musings” for a reason: to give you the inside track on the semi-organized noise in my head, and provide an opportunity for you to connect with me on a more personal level. I’d rather not spend the whole time talking to myself, or at you, so we’ll spend a lot of time talking together. Stay tuned, I promise this will be a worthwhile journey for us all.

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