Strathmore Mansion Performance: Works of Greg Sandow

  • Date:14 - Apr - 2016
  • Location:Bethesda, MD
  • Venue:The Mansion at Strathmore
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Celebrate Sandow! The classical and pop music critic (Village Voice, New York Times Book Review, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly and more) best known for his work on the future of classical music, is a composer too. His works have been performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony, Fine Arts Quartet, and pianist Jenny Lin.

  • Sandow began his career composing music, with works that included four operas
  • Then he worked in two worlds as a critic, one of the few known for writing about both classical and pop music
  • More recently he’s been a musical activist, known worldwide for his work on the future of classical music
  • Now Sandow reemerges as a composer, with music that’s melodic, but also complex, with echoes of modernism and pop

Support for Music in the Mansion is provided by Asbury Methodist Village.