DC LUST CD Release Party

  • Date:17 - Aug - 2013
  • Location:1606 20th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • Venue:Lust CD Release Party - One Lounge
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Sensual VIP Dinner Package

There are also a limited number of exclusive VIP dinner tickets available. VIPs will experience a sensual dinner package with Marlissa Hudson and company. To purchase the sensual VIP dinner option, you MUST click here.

General Event Description

Washington, DC Lust CD release party.  Join me on this multisensory journey of lust, desire, and courage. The Lust CD Release Party is in celebration of Marlissa Hudson’s recent CD – Lust and her upcoming ‘Start Your Journey’ Tour. During the release party Marlissa will perform several songs from her CD. In addition to experiencing Marlissa’s music, patrons will dance to the sounds of soulful music, lustful libations, and mingle with the classical diva.

One lustful libation will be provided as part of your ticket, and the good folks at One Lounge will have a full dinner menu available for your enjoyment.

Club space and seating is limited. We anticipate selling out all 200 tickets quickly. Don’t miss out – get your tickets now!

Sample Lust CD Track

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    Depuis le jourTrack 3

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