Bess – Porgy and Bess

  • Date:24 - Feb - 2018
  • Location:Strathmore Concert Hall
  • Venue:National Philharmonic
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Sat Feb 24, 2018, 8pm

Porgy Kevin Deas

Bess Marlissa Hudson

Crown Michael Redding

Sportin’ Life Chauncey Packer

Serena Aundi Moore

National Philharmonic Chorale
Stan Engebretson, conductor

Groundbreaking, daring, adventurous, genre defying! Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess is a work without peer in the history of American music. Described by the composer himself as a “folk opera,” Porgy and Bess features an array of spirituals, folk songs and such classics as Summertime. Since its premiere, with an all African-American cast of classically trained singers, the opera has become a potent symbol of race relations in American, and a work that forever changed the boundaries of opera.

Sponsored by Patricia Haywood Moore and Roscoe M. Moore Jr.